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Klaricid Xl

Related post: Ill partes. Upsaliae, 1822. 4to. Walque, F, de. Manuel de manipulations chimiques ou de chimie operatoire. Troisieme edition. Louvain, 1886, Walter, Arwed. Klaricid Xl 500mg Untersuchungen liber Molecularmechanik nach analytisch-geometrischer Methode als matematische Grundlage der chemischen Statik. Ber- lin, 1873. ^vo. Wandtafeln der Atomgewichte der chemischen Elemente. H = I. Litograph. Wien. 2 Nos. Large folio. Wanklyn, James Alfred. Milk-Analysis ; a practical treatise on the examination of milk and its derivatives, cream, butter and cheese. London, 1874. 8vo. Second edition. London, 1886. SECTION V. CHEMISTRY, PURE AND APPLIED. 903 Wanklyn, James Alfred. [Cont'd.] Tea, Coffee and Cocoa ; a practical treatise on the analysis of tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, mate (Paraguay Klaricid Xl tea), etc. London, 1874. 8vo. The Gas Engineer's Chemical Manual. Second edition. London, 1888. 8vo. Wanklyn, James Alfred, and Ernest Theophron Chapman. Water- Analysis ; a practical treatise on the examination of potable water. London, 1868. 8vo. 111. Second edition, edited by E. T. Chapman. London, 1870. Third edition, entirely rewritten by J. A. W. London, 1874. Fourth edition. London, 1876. Fifth edition. London, 1879, Sixth edition. London, 1884. Seventh edition. London, 1889. Eighth edition. London, 1891. 8vo. 111. Wanklyn, James Alfred, and W. J. Cooper. Air Analysis ; a practical treatise on the examination of air. With an appendix on illuminating gas. London, 1890. 8vo. Bread Analysis ; a practical treatise on the examination of flour and bread. London, 1881. 8vo. New edition. London, 1886. Ward, George Mason. A Compend of Inorganic Chemistry, with table of elements. Philadel- phia, 1883. pp. Ill, i2mo. Ward, T. F. First Lessons in Inorganic Chemistry. Manchester, 1870. 8vo. Outline Facts of Chemistry, with exercises. Manchester, 1866. 2 parts, 8vo. Warden, C. J. H., and L. A. Waddell, The Non-bacillar Nature of Abrus-poison, with observations on its chemical and physiological properties. Calcutta, 1884. Ware, Lewis S. The Sugar Beet ; including a history of the beet sugar industry in Europe, varieties of the sugar beet, examination, soils, tillage, seeds and sowing, yield and cost of cultivation, harvesting, transportation, conservation, feeding qualities of the beet and of the pulp, etc, Philadelphia, 1880. i2mo. 111. 904 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY. Warington, R. The Chemistry of the Farm. London and New York, 1882. pp. 120, i2mo. Second edition. London, 1882. Fourth edition. London, 1886. Sixth edition. London, 1891. Of the series known as Morton's Handbooks of the Farm. Warltire, J. Synopsis of Natural and Artificial Chemistry, n. /., n. d. Fol. Warnford, C. G., B. E. R. and J. A. E. Newlands. Sugar, a Handbook for Planters and Refiners. London, 1888. 111. Wartha, Vincenz. Die qualitative Analyse mit Anwendung der Bunsen'schen Flammen- reactionen. Zurich, 1867. 8vo. Precis d'analyse qualitative, voie humide et reactions de la
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